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Welcome to my art page! Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Des Leavitt and I have been doing art my whole life!
My family and my bringing up were very supportive of a creative mind. Everyone does art when they are little, I just never stopped. I grew up in Idaho with some farm animals, a plethora of little brothers, and lots of outdoor adventures. Whenever I decided to experiment with different types of canvas, the farm animals and the little brothers were covered in paint and marker. People were always confused about why our family's animals were so colorful.

When I was sixteen I tried out oil painting with a few classes lead by Ron Adams and I still love it. Oil paints are my main medium I use today.

I attended school at Brigham Young University Idaho and married the love of my life, and we're attempting to parent our precious little baby angel muffins. I graduated with my BFA emphasis in painting. I absolutely loved learning from the art masters at BYUI, they were freaking genius's.

Now I am an after "bedtime" painter. Being a mother is my full-time job --that I freaking love--, but making art is something I am super passionate about and can't ever stop doing. Thanks again for visiting my page!

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