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"2nd Coming:- PAPER print 24"x36" or 12"x18" or 6"x9"

"2nd Coming:- PAPER print 24"x36" or 12"x18" or 6"x9"

Choose from: zero, medium, or most texture paper. (by texture it means tooth on the paper) Choose a 6x9 inch or a 12x18 inch or a 24x36 inch print. If prints are rolled when mailed they can be placed underweight for 24 hours to flatten. If you choose to hang it without framing it, a good option is to stick it onto foam core with a spray photo adhesive. This will allow it to remain flat and lightweight.  

  • Return & refund policy

    If you're not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me at I cannot inspect every print myself because they are shipped out directly from the printing company. This allows me to keep shipping and handling free for you! I will refund you and pay for return shipping if the print is unsatisfactory. 

  • Shipping Info

    Canada & USA = Free shipping. Please contact me for any special orders outside of these regions.

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